Tom Fakler Photography | About

My passion for photography is right up there with my love of travel and adventure. Whether climbing peaks in Swiss Alps, traveling Jordan's Wadi Rum desert or exploring the Bến Thành market in Ho Chi Minh City, my camera--usually more than one--is always at the ready.

Many of my photographs find their way onto the Anita's Feast travel blog, where they are prominently displayed. My contributions--as posts and as images for travel photo galleries--bring a unique perspective to the blog's exploration of cultural traditions and local color around the world.

Since leaving a corporate IT career, I have been a volunteer on several community development projects in Cambodia and Nepal. In this rewarding work, I have been privileged to work with organizations and grass-roots organizers committed to raise the standard of living in these countries, and striving to build secure futures for the children of poverty.

My primary interests are capturing the emotions of people and the sometimes raw beauty, as well as the elegance, of a visibly changing world. A freelance photographer and photojournalist, I accept assignments worldwide. I also offer individual and group photography workshops, tailored to the participants' level of expertise.