About me

Tom@TomFakler.com“My primary photographic interest is capturing people’s emotions, and the elegance and raw beauty of humanity.”

–Tom Fakler

Tom Fakler in NepalMy passion for helping people is on a par with my love for travel and adventure and photography. Whether volunteering for NGOs in Nepal and Cambodia, climbing peaks in Swiss Alps, traveling through Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert or exploring a market in Ho Chi Minh City, my interest is always the people I encounter—by appointment or by chance.

Since 2010, I have volunteered on several community development projects in Nepal and Cambodia, every one of them challenging and rewarding. I have been privileged to work with grass-roots organizers deeply committed to raising the standard of living and to building secure futures for the world’s children.

Many of my photographs are published in digital travel magazines, such as Anita’s Feast, Getting on Travel, and FWT Magazine. My contributions—as images and articles—bring a unique perspective to the exploration of cultural traditions, local color and food ways around the world.Tom Fakler about to take a photo of a client

A freelance photographer and photojournalist, I accept assignments worldwide.

If you would like to contact me, please e-mail me at